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I’m walking on eggshells every time I’m out the door. My oh my.
I hear the chapel bells and I wonder where is the lord? My oh my.
Fools out at midnight howling in the moonlight.
What do they do when they’re sick in the sunshine?
My oh my.

I met you on Tuesday and kissed you on Thursday. My oh my
I woke with you on Friday, but lost you by Monday. My oh my
It’s fools who rush it but I just couldn’t hush it,
The feeling I get when I love what’s behind eyes.
My oh my

I didn’t want to be alive back in the 2005. My oh my.
I thought I was in heaven in 2007. My oh my.
I nearly lost mind back in 2009,
And in 2012 I could tell this life of mine,
Would only test me more and more with time.
My oh my

So clean up the storm drain and rebuild the flood gate. My oh my
Midnight is comin’ and only the few will be saved. My oh my
At 12:01 will you be with god or with gun?
At 12:02 will there be any faith left to hold on to?
Will there be a better home awaiting in the sky, lord?
By and by

Over the mountains and under the deepest wells. My oh my
From a supernova to the splitting of a cell. My oh my
Climbing or falling swimming or soaring,
All things have a place while they’re alive,
And me I’m just another cog inside,
The single smallest point in space and time.
My oh my


from Manticore Sleepover, released August 16, 2015
Written by Kyle Bain

Kyle Bain - Vocals, Banjo
David Owens - Vocals, Guitar
Garrett Babcock - Vocals, Percussion.
Tyler Leavitt - Double Bass




Centaur Midwife Ellensburg, Washington

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